Retail Developments

Kwamaqhekeza Plaza

The Kwamaqhekeza Plaza stands as a beacon of community growth and economic vitality in Mpumalanga. Its construction marked a significant investment in the local economy, offering a diverse range of retail and employment opportunities. The plaza’s sustainable design features energy-efficient systems, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship. It’s not just a commercial hub but a cultural gathering point, hosting events that reinforce social ties. The success of Kwamaqhekeza Plaza sets a benchmark for future developments, blending commerce, culture, and community.

Matsamo Plaza

Matsamo Plaza is a testament to innovative development in a harmonious balance with cultural heritage. Located in Mpumalanga, it’s more than a shopping center; it’s a catalyst for job creation and a boost for the local economy. The plaza is a hub for local entrepreneurs and businesses, fostering a spirit of community ownership. Its construction used sustainable materials and practices, underscoring a deep commitment to environmental conservation. Matsamo Plaza stands as a symbol of progress, unity, and sustainable development.

KwaMhlanga Plaza

KwaMhlanga Plaza in Mpumalanga is a cornerstone of community engagement and economic development. Its strategic location makes it a bustling commerce center, providing ample employment opportunities. The plaza is a melting pot of cultures, offering spaces for local events and celebrations. It emphasizes sustainable living, with green spaces and eco-friendly operations. KwaMhlanga Plaza is not just a commercial space; it’s a lively, vibrant community center that champions social and economic wellbeing.

Protea Gardens Mall

Protea Gardens Mall in Gauteng represents a fusion of convenience, culture, and community. It’s a premier shopping destination that also serves as a community hub for socializing and entertainment. The mall is committed to sustainability, featuring green initiatives and energy-saving measures. It supports local businesses and entrepreneurs, contributing significantly to job creation. Protea Gardens Mall is a symbol of community aspirations and a testament to the power of inclusive development.

KaNyamazane Plaza

KaNyamazane Plaza is a dynamic space that caters to both commercial and community needs. Located in Mpumalanga, it’s a vital economic engine, offering retail spaces that boost local entrepreneurship and create jobs. The plaza is a center for community activities, from cultural festivals to educational events. Its commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly design and operations. KaNyamazane Plaza embodies the spirit of community, commerce, and culture.

Alexandra Plaza

Alexandra Plaza in Gauteng is a modern development that respects the rich history of its surroundings. It’s an economic hub that has boosted job creation and supported local businesses. The plaza serves as a community meeting place, hosting events and providing a space for public engagement. Its sustainable design minimizes environmental impact, and its diverse offerings cater to a broad demographic. Alexandra Plaza is a pillar of the community, promoting economic growth and social cohesion.

Jabulani Mall

Jabulani Mall is a landmark of convenience and community in Gauteng. It’s a major retail center that supports a wide range of local businesses, spurring economic growth and job creation. The mall is a cultural hub, with spaces for art, music, and community events. Its eco-friendly design and operations reflect a commitment to sustainability. Jabulani Mall represents the heart of the community, fostering social bonds and economic development.

Protea Gardens Mall

Protea Gardens Mall Phase 2 represents an expansion of opportunity and community engagement in Gauteng. Building on the success of its predecessor, this phase introduces additional retail spaces, inviting more local businesses to thrive and creating further job opportunities. Its green architecture speaks to a commitment to sustainable development, while its role as a community hotspot is solidified through regular events, social gatherings, and cultural celebrations. This development is not just an expansion; it’s a reinvestment in the community.

Maake Plaza

Maake Plaza, situated in Mpumalanga, is more than a commercial development; it’s a center of community life. It provides a vibrant marketplace for local traders and a significant boost to employment. The plaza is a stage for local talent, hosting cultural, educational, and recreational events. Its eco-conscious design and practices underscore a commitment to sustainable development. Maake Plaza stands as a symbol of communal identity and economic resilience.

Nkomazi Plaza

Nkomazi Plaza in Mpumalanga is a hub of economic activity and social interaction. It’s a thriving marketplace, supporting local entrepreneurs and creating numerous jobs. The plaza serves as a cultural venue, with spaces dedicated to community events and celebrations. Its sustainable architecture and eco-friendly operations demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental health. Nkomazi Plaza is a pillar of the community, fostering economic development and social unity.

Modjaji Plaza

Modjaji Plaza in Ga-Kgapane is a dynamic commercial center that serves as a heartbeat of the community. It’s a vital economic contributor, offering a variety of retail spaces and generating substantial employment. The plaza is an epicenter for culture and community, hosting events that celebrate local traditions and talents. Its environmentally responsible design and practices reflect a deep commitment to sustainability. Modjaji Plaza is a monument of communal pride and economic strength.

Lusiki Plaza

Lusiki Plaza in the Eastern Cape is a modern testament to sustainable commercial development. It’s a booming retail space, providing extensive opportunities for local businesses and job seekers. The plaza is a cultural showcase, offering a venue for community events, arts, and entertainment. Its green building standards ensure minimal environmental impact, promoting sustainability. Lusiki Plaza is a landmark of community aspiration and economic opportunity.


Rustenburg in North West is a mega project with a multi-faceted development plan. It’s a hub for retail and business, offering extensive lettable space and thousands of job opportunities. This project marks a new era of economic prosperity for the region.