Alexandra Plaza

Alexandra Plaza is an embodiment of JB Property Group’s vision to integrate modern retail spaces with community values, set against the backdrop of Gauteng’s rich historical and cultural landscape.

Completed in 2005 with a project investment of R110 million, the plaza spans 9,263m² and has become an economic hub, revitalizing the local area by creating 1,450 jobs. Beyond its role as a commercial center, Alexandra Plaza is a beacon for community engagement, offering a platform for events and a gathering space that promotes public engagement and social cohesion.

Project summary :

The development of Alexandra Plaza was undertaken with a deep respect for the surrounding community’s heritage, aiming to boost economic activity while ensuring the social fabric of the area is not only maintained but strengthened. Its sustainable design minimizes environmental impact, featuring energy-saving measures and green spaces that encourage a connection with nature. The plaza’s diverse retail offerings cater to a broad demographic, supporting local entrepreneurs and attracting a variety of businesses that contribute to a vibrant local economy.


South Africa



Project Value

R110 million

Lettable Area

9 236m²

Jobs To Be Created

1 450

Year Complete


43, 3rd Street, Wynberg, Alexandra, South Africa