KaNyamazane Plaza

KaNyamazane Plaza is a dynamic space that caters to both commercial and community needs. Located in Mpumalanga, it’s a vital economic engine, offering retail spaces that boost local entrepreneurship and create jobs. The plaza is a center for community activities, from cultural festivals to educational events.

Its commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly design and operations. KaNyamazane Plaza embodies the spirit of community, commerce, and culture.

Project summary :

The plaza is designed as a multifunctional space that not only caters to shopping needs but also acts as a venue for cultural and community events, emphasizing JB Property Group’s focus on sustainable development and community engagement.



South Africa



Project Value

R85 million

Lettable Area

15 000m²

Jobs To Be Created


Year Complete


177 Chris Hani St, Kanyamazane-A, Kanyamazane, 1214, South Africa