Modjaji Plaza

Modjaji Plaza in Ga-Kgapane is a dynamic commercial center that serves as a heartbeat of the community. It’s a vital economic contributor, offering a variety of retail spaces and generating substantial employment.

The plaza is an epicenter for culture and community, hosting events that celebrate local traditions and talents. Its environmentally responsible design and practices reflect a deep commitment to sustainability. Modjaji Plaza is a monument of communal pride and economic strength.

Project summary :

The plaza not only serves the local community’s retail needs but also fosters social cohesion by hosting cultural events, emphasizing eco-friendly operations, and supporting local enterprises. Its strategic location and inclusive approach make it a vital community asset.


South Africa



Project Value

R82 million

Lettable Area

9 782m²

Jobs To Be Created

1 000

Year Complete


Ga-Kgapane-A, Modjadjiskloof, 0838, South Africa