Jabulani Mall

Jabulani Mall is a landmark of convenience and community in Gauteng. It’s a major retail center that supports a wide range of local businesses, spurring economic growth and job creation. The mall is a cultural hub, with spaces for art, music, and community events.

Its eco-friendly design and operations reflect a commitment to sustainability. Jabulani Mall represents the heart of the community, fostering social bonds and economic development.

Project summary :

The mall has transcended its commercial origins to become a cultural and social epicenter, hosting an array of events that celebrate the spirit and heritage of its community. With its sustainable design and commitment to supporting local businesses, Jabulani Mall stands as a testament to JB Property Group’s vision of fostering environments where commerce, culture, and community flourish together.


South Africa



Project Value

R320 million

Lettable Area

45 000m²

Jobs To Be Created

1 950

Year Complete


2601 Corner Koma and Bolani Road, Jabulani Soweto 1818