Maake Plaza

Maake Plaza, situated in Mpumalanga, is more than a commercial development; it’s a center of community life. It provides a vibrant marketplace for local traders and a significant boost to employment.

The plaza is a stage for local talent, hosting cultural, educational, and recreational events. Its eco-conscious design and practices underscore a commitment to sustainable development. Maake Plaza stands as a symbol of communal identity and economic resilience.

Project summary :

Maake Plaza is designed as a multifaceted space where shopping, culture, and community activities intersect, offering a variety of services and amenities to meet the needs of the local population. Its development prioritizes sustainable practices, featuring eco-friendly design elements that minimize its environmental footprint while enhancing the shopping experience. The plaza has become a cornerstone of community life in Mpumalanga, embodying the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and economic growth.


South Africa



Project Value

R90 million

Lettable Area

15 000m²

Jobs To Be Created

1 250

Year Complete


Tzaneen, R36, South Africa