Protea Gardens Mall Phase 2

Protea Gardens Mall Phase 2 represents an expansion of opportunity and community engagement in Gauteng. Building on the success of its predecessor, this phase introduces additional retail spaces, inviting more local businesses to thrive and creating further job opportunities.

Its green architecture speaks to a commitment to sustainable development, while its role as a community hotspot is solidified through regular events, social gatherings, and cultural celebrations. This development is not just an expansion; it’s a reinvestment in the community.

Project summary :

This phase not only amplifies the mall’s retail capacity but also reinforces its role as a community hub, integrating more green spaces and sustainable practices into its design. Protea Gardens Mall Phase 2 stands as a model for responsible, community-centric development, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that cater to both economic and environmental well-being.


South Africa



Project Value

R80 million

Lettable Area

5 400m²

Jobs To Be Created


Year Complete


Chris Hani Rd, Protea South, Soweto, 1818, South Africa