Nkomazi Plaza

Nkomazi Plaza in Mpumalanga is a hub of economic activity and social interaction. It’s a thriving marketplace, supporting local entrepreneurs and creating numerous jobs. The plaza serves as a cultural venue, with spaces dedicated to community events and celebrations.

Its sustainable architecture and eco-friendly operations demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental health. Nkomazi Plaza is a pillar of the community, fostering economic development and social unity.

Project summary :

Nkomazi Plaza stands as a testament to JB Property Group’s dedication to creating spaces that enrich communities and foster economic development. Located in Mpumalanga, this plaza has become a central hub for shopping, social gatherings, and cultural events, seamlessly integrating with the local community’s lifestyle. Its design focuses on sustainability and functionality, providing an inviting atmosphere for families, shoppers, and businesses alike.


South Africa



Project Value

R50 million

Amount Of Houses

1 500

Jobs To Be Created


Year Complete


R571, Mashekesheni, Tonga, 1224, South Africa