Middestad Centre

Middestad Centre in Gauteng is a commercial juggernaut, representing one of the largest and most diverse shopping and business centers in the region. It’s a major employment driver, offering a plethora of retail, dining, and entertainment options. The center is a community hub, hosting events, workshops, and cultural festivals.

Its sustainable construction and operational practices set a high standard for environmental stewardship. Middstad Centre is a symbol of economic prosperity and community engagement.

Project summary :

Middstad Centre, a flagship venture by JB Property Group in Gauteng, epitomizes the fusion of commercial innovation with community development. This landmark center has redefined the urban landscape, offering a comprehensive mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options. Designed with an emphasis on sustainability and community engagement, Middstad Centre has become a cornerstone for economic growth and a vibrant meeting place for people from all walks of life.


South Africa



Project Value

R850 million

Lettable Area

36 400m²

Jobs To Be Created

1 250

Year Complete


252 Thabo Sehume, and 266 Pretorius St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa