Protea Gardens Mall Phase 1

Protea Gardens Mall in Gauteng represents a fusion of convenience, culture, and community. It’s a premier shopping destination that also serves as a community hub for socializing and entertainment. The mall is committed to sustainability, featuring green initiatives and energy-saving measures.

It supports local businesses and entrepreneurs, contributing significantly to job creation. Protea Gardens Mall is a symbol of community aspirations and a testament to the power of inclusive development.

Project summary :

This project exemplifies a harmonious blend of convenience, culture, and sustainability, featuring green initiatives and serving as a pivotal community hub for gatherings, entertainment, and support of local businesses. Its success mirrors JB Property Group’s commitment to enhancing community life through thoughtful and inclusive development.


South Africa



Project Value

R112 million

Lettable Area

12 000m²

Jobs To Be Created

1 500

Year Complete


Chris Hani Rd, Protea South, Soweto, 1818, South Africa