City Forum

City Forum in Gauteng is a pinnacle of urban development, combining sophisticated architecture with sustainable practices. It’s an urban oasis for businesses, providing premium office spaces and retail outlets, and a modest yet significant source of employment. The forum is a modern space for professional interactions, networking events, and business showcases.

Its cutting-edge, eco-friendly design is a statement of luxury meeting responsibility. City Forum represents urban evolution, where business growth meets sustainable living.

Project summary :

City Forum, a pivotal development by JB Property Group in Gauteng, stands as a model of urban sophistication, blending premium office spaces with retail diversity. Its architecture and design reflect a modern aesthetic and a commitment to sustainability, serving as a beacon of innovation in urban development. The forum has quickly become a hub for professional and social interaction, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere within its state-of-the-art facilities.


South Africa



Project Value

R250 million

Lettable Area

7 614m²

Jobs To Be Created


Year Complete


1424 B R571 Mashekesheni Kamaqhekeza, 1224